Maps for
your business|SAP

Maps for your business|SAP


Visualize your data to create heatmap, hotspot, cluster and voronoi diagrams with just a few clicks.


Analyze your data as a map without time-consuming, expensive mapping tools.


Create presentation-quality map visualizations of your business data using our automated configuration tools.


Visualize hundreds of thousands of entities & full postal code polygon maps in seconds.

Selections & analysis

Select, analyze, aggregate and compare areas of your geographic data with polygon, distance radius, and line buffer tools.


Set your data in motion and understand trends and market responses to your campaigns.


Analyze your largest datasets across your entire enterprise and explore detailed, multi-layer maps in real time.

Custom shape support

Automatically build or import regions, territories and custom shapes that are specific to your enterprise.

Ease of Use

Create rich visualizations and informative maps with just a few clicks.

Enterprise Features

Securely deploy your disparate datasets to the largest of user populations on Web & Mobile without limitations.

Powerful, interactive maps

Quickly create presentation quality maps.

Visual Crossing’s mapping and geospatial platform provide SAP users with a tightly integrated, full-featured and intuitive mapping platform. Whether you are using it for a single desktop installation or through a team server, our mapping engine can provide you with the fastest and most scalable mapping platform for SAP.

With powerful, interactive maps you can achieve new insight from your existing data all from within the SAP interface that you already know. Quickly create presentation quality maps and analyze large geospatial datasets using our proven analytics and advanced visualizations.

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